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I'm Eralp Karaduman, a software engineer. I make apps, games and digital toys. Visit to learn more about me, also find me on other internets: Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, RSS.

React-Native Mobile and Web Code Sharing

June 27, 2022

I have been working on a demo project called Card Quest which is open source on GitHub to explore and learn about sharing code between…

Mocking APIs using embedded web servers inside flutter apps

May 03, 2022

(Edit 23.05.2022) I gave a tech talk about this at Flutter Nordics Helsinki Meetup, you can watch it from here:…

Fixing production bugs on local environment using a proxy

January 31, 2021

Say you have an app that reads json from an API, renders some UI. And you have a specific API endpoint that crashes the UI on production…

GitHub CLI PR's

January 04, 2021

Even though I make money by developing web apps, I don't like to use browsers much. If there's any possibility to use anything else than a…


November 17, 2020

This first post is about this blog itself. Let me tell you about my blog engine :D. Haha, yet another engineer talking about their blog…